Soft and Chewy Mochi: A Japanese Sweet Treat with a Unique Texture

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Mochi is a Japanese sweet treat that is made with rice flour and water. It has a soft and chewy texture and is often filled with sweet bean paste.

Variations :

Ice Cream Flavors:

Experiment with different ice cream flavors to suit your preferences. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and mint chocolate chip are classic options. Explore more adventurous flavors like mango sorbet, green tea ice cream, or salted caramel.

Filling Alternatives:

Instead of ice cream, consider filling the mochi dough with other delectable options:

Nutella: For a rich hazelnut flavor, fill the mochi with Nutella.

Chocolate: Melt chocolate chips and fill the centers for a decadent chocolate treat.

Fresh Cut Strawberries: Dice fresh strawberries and incorporate them into the mochi filling for a refreshing and fruity twist.

Peanut Butter: For a nutty and satisfying option, fill the mochi with smooth peanut butter.

Traditional Red Bean Paste (Anko): Experience the authentic Japanese flavor of anko, a sweet red bean paste, within the mochi.

Dough Flavorings:

Enhance the flavor of the mochi dough by incorporating these additions:

Peanut Butter: Mix 2 tablespoons of peanut butter into the dough for a nutty twist.

Chocolate/Cocoa Powder: Add 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder to the dough for a rich chocolatey flavor.

Matcha: Blend 1 teaspoon of matcha (green tea powder) into the dough for an earthy, matcha-infused taste.

Vanilla: Infuse the dough with a teaspoon of vanilla extract for a classic vanilla flavor.

Coconut: Add 1 tablespoon of coconut milk to the dough for a subtle coconutty aroma and flavor.

Soft and Chewy Mochi: A Japanese Sweet Treat with a Unique Texture

A Japanese dessert made from glutinous rice flour and water.

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Cook Time 20 min Total Time 20 mins Difficulty: Beginner Servings: 12



  1. Freeze Ice Cream Balls:

    Line a sheet pan with parchment paper. Using a small ice cream scoop, quickly form ice cream balls on the parchment paper. Pack the ice cream tightly, leaving a flat edge for stability. Freeze for 1 hour.

  2. Make Mochi:

    In a microwave-safe bowl, combine flour, sugar, and powdered sugar. Add water and stir until smooth. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and microwave the dough for 1 minute. Use a wet spatula to fold the mixture, cover, and microwave for another minute. Repeat, microwaving for 30 seconds until the mochi appears slightly shiny. Microwave additionally if needed.

  3. Roll Dough:

    Dust a piece of parchment paper with cornstarch. Carefully transfer the hot mochi dough onto the parchment paper. Dust the top with cornstarch and use a rolling pin to roll it into a 1/4-inch thick rectangle. Refrigerate the rolled dough on a sheet pan for 30 minutes.

  4. Prepare Wrapping:

    Cut squares of plastic wrap (one for each ice cream ball). Each mochi will be wrapped before freezing.

  5. Fill the Dough:

    Remove the chilled dough and use a round cutter to make circles (about 3 inches). Brush off excess cornstarch from the circles. Take one circle, place an ice cream scoop in the center, and gently encase the ice cream with the dough. Pinch the edges to seal. Wrap each mochi tightly in plastic wrap.

  6. Freeze:

    Place the wrapped mochi seam-side down in the freezer. Repeat the process with the remaining dough and ice cream. Freeze the mochi ice cream for at least 1 hour before consumption. Store the wrapped mochi in a freezer-safe bag or container for up to 3 months. Allow slight thawing before serving."

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